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I have been engaged in agriculture all my life. I began at age 10 cleaning out stalls on a neighboring dairy farm for 50 cents per hour and retired from owning and operating a large (for our area) produce, sheep and cattle business. As a farmer and practicing soil scientist for 25 years, I worked all over the world encouraging and training others to survey, categorize, value and manage their agricultural and related resources.

Being close to the land and the people who work it whether for subsistence or profit has been a treasured and humbling experience.  All of us privileged to work the land learn the importance of sharing and nurturing.  And with this privilege comes the awesome responsibility upon mankind to protect and conserve these most valuable of all resources, soil, water and land.

Nothing is more important to the survival of planet earth as we know it than protecting these resources.  These resources are critical to the most important job on the planet of feeding people.  Civilizations and empires have risen and fallen solely upon their abundance or shortages of food.

Tillers of the soil, farmers and peasants, should be revered for their contributions.  Nothing builds character, fortitude, self-reliance, persistence and resolution more intensely than doing battle with the forces of nature to survive and help others survive.  These attributes are necessary to our survival regardless of our chosen paths in life.  These traits, common in our ancestors, are unfortunately not well-developed in many of us today. The lack of these traits has precipitated an unnatural neediness and dependency in too many modern Americans.

Anyone who puts their hands in the soil and nurtures other living things to fruitfulness has to feel an empathy with nature.  Through this empathy, one has to feel closer to the forces that brought all this together, no matter what their concept or perception of faith.  Nature truly speaks to those who immerse themselves in her wonders through close and continued interaction. If you don’t believe me, just ask a farmer, hunter, naturalist or adventurer.  They can and will tell you many stories, some perhaps fanciful and hard to believe but nonetheless true.  Living within nature’s laws rather than trying to control or manipulate them is difficult for many to grasp let alone accomplish.

This concept is the foundation that should bind us all together and, yet at the same time, creates the internal struggles and competition that are tearing us apart.   We have too often allowed emotions such as fear, greed, arrogance and apathy to get in the way of making sound decisions that will ensure our country’s and individuals’ survival.  We have failed to guard against exploitation of our people and resources, be they natural or financial.  We must strive to supplant excess with moderation and emotion with common sense.  These ideas along with our desperate need for vision and true wisdom in our leaders are the backbone of and reason for this book.

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