Fixing the Broken Two-Party System

Overpopulation. Food shortages. Energy crises. Add in Americans’s increasing dependence on the federal government and you’ve got a perfect storm that threatens to destroy our waning empire. To save it we must rebuild our society as it was intended to be—by and for the people.

Unwrecking America: Solving Our Paralyzing Problems Through Grassroots Statesmanship is an incisive, bare-knuckled look at how we’ve gotten where we are and what we can do to fix our nation before it’s too late. With hard facts and expert analyses from one of today’s shrewdest political pundits, it details how all citizens can reclaim power from the federal government by:

Looking past political party lines and creating a new, centrist view.
Demanding our leaders slash social spending.

Replacing most members of Congress.
Restoring states’s rights through grassroots activism and voting.
Separating facts from emotional issues that drain our energy and resources.

Setting national priorities above individual self-interest.

For all who want to do something about wasteful government spending and political corruption and ineptitude but don’t know where to start, this handbook is the ammunition that can start the revolution.

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